[scribus] scribus version 1.3.5 - pharagraphs not asigned

hjh at mail.fsub.de hjh at mail.fsub.de
Fri May 9 11:55:37 CEST 2008


I started getting to know sccibus with version 1.3.4 and ended up
with this problem:

   Importing odt-files with asigned paragraph-styles does not
   work with 1.3.4 nor with 1.3.5.
    * The styles will be imported but
    * the asignment of the styles to the paragraphs is lost

I installed version and this feature works fine.
I am able to change the imported styles and the changes are
accepted by all paragraphs in question.

I need this feature - urgently - because of publishing a book,
that has been written with text-oriented CSS-HTML-StyleSheet
(the book to be published in the internet as well as in print).

After changing these pages by emacs-scripts to normal-html-files,
they are imported be OpenOffice-Writer, keeping the paragraph styles
of the CSS-Style-Sheets (which is not shown in OpenOffice-Writer).
Scribus kann import this, so that
I am able to write my text with Emacs in a well designed form,
the results immediately visible in my browser and end up - by
help of scribus - with the desired output pdfs.

Ok, then. I could use - but as I started, I - parallel with
finding out how to control scribus - put down my experiences,
Therefore I would like to finish it with the update-version of scribus.
I think it is a very small problem, as this has worked before.

Who can help? Who is attending this coding?


Hans-Josef Heck

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