[scribus] How to find the new Mailinglist

hjh at mail.fsub.de hjh at mail.fsub.de
Fri May 9 11:53:05 CEST 2008


this is my first mail on this list.

To find the new mailinglist happened by accident:

I tried to enroll in the old list about 10 days ago
and was waiting for a reaction. There wasn't any.

So was about, to try it again, but first took a look
at the archive. In the April lists I discovered same
mailing on mailing lists and thereby found out, that
the list(s) had been moved to the new site.

I suggest,

   to disable enrolling in the old list,

   to change all the hints to altmuehltal.... to the adress new site.
   (on the scribus server(s) - as well as on the altmuehltal-server,
    or where ever google states the old address.)

Hans-Josef Heck

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