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Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Sun May 4 20:30:26 CEST 2008

Paul wrote:

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[Quoted text talks about canvas text box performance issues]

> Could you briefly explain what you are talking about here? I had no problem
> editing text within the multiple text boxes I used on my
> Newspaper/Newsletter Template. Is there some other 'text box' that I should
> be aware of before I continue development additional pages to my project?

Performance degrades non-linearly with the amount of text in a linked 
series of text frames and with how many text frames are involved. It's 
quite usable initially, but gets seriously slow once you have too much 
text. How much "too much" is varies depending on how fast your machine 
is, the Scribus version you are using, etc.

It's not an issue for most users, though even with medium sized projects 
it gets slow enough that you want to avoid having to use the canvas text 
frames for actual text editing where possible. To make Scribus 
completely unusable even with use of the story editor etc I had to 
import a novel-sized body of text, so this will not bite most people.

Text reflow performance might be resolved in 1.3.5; I don't know.

If you're concerned, use the dummy text facilities to mock up your rough 
eventual layout - just how much text there will be and where. See how 
you go. I wouldn't expect any big problems for the vast majority of 

Craig Ringer

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