[Scribus] Tool for inserting PDFs into Scribus documents

Benjamin Dumke scribus
Fri Mar 28 16:32:32 CET 2008

Hi all,

until Scribus can do this itself (probably better), I have written a 
python script that takes a scribus generated PDF and replaces the 
rastered images from PDF files with XObjects containing the actual data. 
If anyone is interested, I have uploaded it for examination.

I have written this for myself, so be very careful, as it is not 
supposed to be an end user tool and also has a big (read: huge) number 
of drawbacks.

It requires to have one line of code inserted into your scribus source, 
so if you use a precompiled version of scribus, you can't use it.

Also, read the text that I have written -- don't just skim through, read 
it! -- before you download:




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