[Scribus] Bleeding for bleed ... and stability

Owen rcook
Wed Mar 26 00:39:50 CET 2008

> Hi all,
> I know this has been discussed here recently, but again:
> When I started a 40-page publishing project last summer,
> I wanted to have bleed settings. I got very well along
> by simply doing everything with (then stable)
> After everything except bleed settings was done, I imported
> the whole thing into 1.3.4, added the bleed settings
> and was happy. Would this still be the way to go,
> except, of course, that it's now?
> Serious problems lay elsewhere last time:
> My document got screwed up, partly due to bad
> PS/PDF from external sources (will know to avoid
> this now), but partly the .sla structure was
> obviously corrupted.
> (I helped it by creating partial documents and
> assembling the resulting PDFs with other tools.)
>  From the changelog, it looks like _tons_ of bugs
> have been shaken out between and,
> so what's your overall experience in stability
> and document integrity now?
> That said, I would just like to thank the developers for
> there work -- it's great software!
> Thanks, Martin

Would this be relevant to your problem?



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