[Scribus] Problem importing .PS generated by lilypond.

Vladimir Savic vladimir.firefly.savic
Sat Mar 22 16:34:10 CET 2008

Sorry Matth, I always forget limitations of current stable version 
( It is not possible to select multiple objects using Outline 
dialog. :( Even sweep select isn't reliable because it's hard to 
determine what will "enter" the selection.

Here's the different approach that works 100% for me. Drawback is that 
you have to have Adobe Reader (free for every OS though).

Export pdf directly from lilypond. In case you know how to export 
postscript file only, do: ps2pdf your_file.ps your_pdf_file_name.pdf 
(this is command line option).

Now fire up Adobe Reader, open newly created pdf and go to the menu item 
File->Print... Select checkbox "print to file..." and then select 
"browse" to give the desired name for the file you're about to create. 
Don't forget to name it differently then the original lilypond generated 
postscript file. I think scribus will import only the first page of 
multi page rps, you might need to export page by page.

When you finally hit OK button you'll have perfectly importable .rps 
file for importing into scribus.

Sorry again for the bad informations,

matth wrote:
> Hi, thanks a lot for your answers!
> to stu seven:
> I've only used scribus to edit my scores : I just sent a very short
> score, the one I'm working on is more than fifty pages long... and it
> worked before an upgrade this Monday...
> I've just tried to "print" as .ps a text I had and then imported it
> under scribus, as far as I can see, It seems good, but how can I
> know... I mean, can I see warning messages or something during the
> import under scribus?
> to vlada:
> I'm very interested by your workaround, I found that the line color of
> the ledger lines was set to none, but I'm trying for two days to just
> select them because if I select the whole group, the other objects are
> modified to...and I never found the way to to this!
> I've tried to select them by name (they all start by "Polyline") but
> never succeeded.
> I think you're explaining me another way to do that but I don't understand,
> I import the ps......ok
> Select imported.........I click on it, ok
> Groupings............ right click, ungroup?
> sweep select ledger lines .........I select two or three ledger lines, ok
> in the properties dialog set line color to black......ok
> and then :
> select all -> group....... there I don't understand what I've to do...
> I'm sorry to disturb you for this.
> Thanks again
> Matth

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