[Scribus] Problem importing .PS generated by lilypond.

matth milarepa7
Sat Mar 22 15:50:24 CET 2008

Hi, thanks a lot for your answers!
to stu seven:
I've only used scribus to edit my scores : I just sent a very short
score, the one I'm working on is more than fifty pages long... and it
worked before an upgrade this Monday...
I've just tried to "print" as .ps a text I had and then imported it
under scribus, as far as I can see, It seems good, but how can I
know... I mean, can I see warning messages or something during the
import under scribus?
to vlada:
I'm very interested by your workaround, I found that the line color of
the ledger lines was set to none, but I'm trying for two days to just
select them because if I select the whole group, the other objects are
modified to...and I never found the way to to this!
I've tried to select them by name (they all start by "Polyline") but
never succeeded.
I think you're explaining me another way to do that but I don't understand,
I import the ps......ok
Select imported.........I click on it, ok
Groupings............ right click, ungroup?
sweep select ledger lines .........I select two or three ledger lines, ok
in the properties dialog set line color to black......ok
and then :
select all -> group....... there I don't understand what I've to do...
I'm sorry to disturb you for this.
Thanks again

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