[Scribus] Scribus' manual in Italian

a.l.e liste
Sat Mar 22 13:15:48 CET 2008

ciao silvio

> My name is Silvio and I am an Italian.
> Maybe I am a little off-topic for this mailing list but I would like to 
> know If I could give a little help for free to prepare an official 
> manual for Scribus in Italian?

welcome aboard part 2! :-)

i have started the italian translation of the documentation, but have at the moment a bit less time for it, than i would like...

another translator has already stepped in and will soon also start to work on it!

as other people already wrote to vanessa, the irc channel (#scribus at irc.freenode.net) and this mailing list are the right places to discuss about it :-)

i guess, that the best way to contribute, is to get in touch with christoph schaefer or with me and see which chapter you would like to translate!
we can both be reached per email and per irc (personally, i will be away from the net from this evening until monday evening).


p.s.: sono alessandro, svizzero del sud emigrato nella svizzera del nord... e faccio finta di saper scrivere in inglese.

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