[Scribus] Scribus' manual in Italian

silvio grosso grossosilvio
Sat Mar 22 10:07:46 CET 2008

Hello everybody,
My name is Silvio and I am an Italian.
Maybe I am a little off-topic for this mailing list but I would like to 
know If I could give a little help for free to prepare an official 
manual for Scribus in Italian?

Iread in this mailing list (in the topic about the "Manual in Dutch" byGregory Pittman) you are preparing such a manual in English and that you are looking for translators in other languagues.
At present, I have just finished to translate, for 
free, with other 4 Italian, the gvSIG's manual into Italian (gvSIG is an 
opensource Gis).
Perhaps, I could help some other Italians who are 
already doing the translation?  

Best regards,

Silvio Grosso

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