[Scribus] 2 questions

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Thu Mar 20 15:18:31 CET 2008

Timothy Boyden said the following at 03/20/2008 06:54 AM :
> Yeah that is what I thought also. Any good commercial printer must be
> using a software package that does automatic flattening of PDFs in the
> Prepress stage of their workflow, I know it's set as one of our traps.
> When we finally get around to installing Kodak Prinergy 4, it will be
> using the Adobe PDF rendering engine and transparencies will no longer
> be an issue.

Well, I cut-and-pasted the chat session so people here would know precisely
what they told me, and I wasn't making it up or misinterpreting something.
I agree that I wasn't happy with it, but at least I now know why my covers
were rendering inconsistently.

I refrained from saying "then you have you a bug in your process
somewhere", because it didn't seem like that would be helpful. I'm treating
this is a bug in the lulu process that, now we've found out what it is, I
need to work around.

I do wish (and I did say this to him) that they had this restriction
carefully described on a page somewhere so that my dates would not have had
to slip by a month while I got to the bottom of why covers weren't
rendering consistently.


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