[Scribus] 2 questions / hand made flattening

flaco inconcluso
Thu Mar 20 10:30:54 CET 2008

I found a pretty little workaround for some transparency problems within
The issue:
 Had a picture as background, with 4 opaque text boxes on it. (White
background colour & a transparency of about 40% to make the text better

The problems:
1. Transparency
2. even the text was at 40% greyed, something I didn't expect as I set
transparency in the colours tab and not in the text tab.

The solution:
First thought about simulating transparency by re-creating background and
boxes in GIMP. But did't like this idea too much because things did fit
quite well at that moment. And I didn't want to rebuild everything
calculating every measurement.
Then found this:
Copy all content to a new page, delete text from boxes, export page as
picture and load this as new background picture at the original page. Now
set text boxes without transparency and fill color. Ready. Looks the same,
is only few minutes of work and my printer has nothing to mourn....


D. R. Evans schrieb:
> Henry Hartley said the following at 03/19/2008 03:24 PM :
>> It's clear from their forums that customer experiences vary pretty
>> wildly.
> I finally reached their "PDF expert" and chatted with him.
> So the real scoop is that problems are caused if you use transparency
> anywhere in a PDF.
> "OK so the issue there is that transparencies simply are not supported in a
> high speed commercial digital print environment.
> they need to be resolved to the final pixel--ie flattened"
> So my experience is that if you make use of transparency anywhere, it might
> or might not work with scribus "out of the box".
> Their first recommendation for Linux users is to use GIMP :-) but otherwise
> if you use transparency anywhere then you MUST flatten the output if you
> want it to work reliably.
> (Incidentally, one of the other tech support people there also mentioned
> that one should use PDF 1.4 or earlier.)
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