[Scribus] 2 questions

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Wed Mar 19 22:24:30 CET 2008

D. R. Evans wrote:

>> Yes, I had independently come to the same conclusion... the
>> problem being that there is nowhere a precise description of
>> their requirements/specifications :-( So essentially one just
>> ends up trying stuff until it prints correctly.
>> Incidentally, asking lulu is no use; they just say, "send us
>> the PDF and we'll print it"; I haven't been able to reach anyone
>> sufficiently knowledgeable to understand anything at any greater
>> depth than that.

It's clear from their forums that customer experiences vary pretty

On the other hand, the CMYK vs RGB question is answered, although pretty
briefly, in the FAQ.  It says, in reference to full color books, "the
source document and/or images should be in the original colorspace. If
it was created in RGB, DO NOT convert it to CMYK and vice versa."


I did a search in their forums for "color space RGB" and the first
thread listed was a question about which RGB profile to use, sRGB or
Adobe RGB.  The answer from dtcampbell, Lulu Support, says, "I would
recommend sRGB as the color space."  

I've personally never had any problems with Lulu printed products,
although it's only been calendars, which are not uploaded as PDF but
rather built on their system from individual JPEG (not TIFF) images.  

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