[Scribus] 2 questions

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Wed Mar 19 21:05:40 CET 2008

Timothy Boyden said the following at 03/19/2008 08:56 AM :

> The fact that your images printed better when you chose Screen/Web as
> the color mode (which is counter-intuitive for a printed document) leads
> me to believe Lulu is skewing their color profiles in favor of RGB
> colors rather than CMYK in order to better match what customers are
> sending them. This is why it is imperative that printer instructions
> that are supplied to their clients are followed in order to get the
> intended output. Printers are making assumptions to smooth over their
> workflow, and submitted ad copy that are outside their specs will most
> certainly not print correctly.

Yes, I had independently come to the same conclusion... the problem being
that there is nowhere a precise description of their
requirements/specifications :-( So essentially one just ends up trying
stuff until it prints correctly.

Incidentally, asking lulu is no use; they just say, "send us the PDF and
we'll print it"; I haven't been able to reach anyone sufficiently
knowledgeable to understand anything at any greater depth than that.


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