[Scribus] Fedora-8, Story Editor, 1.3.4.something, Style not selected (unable to type!)

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Tue Mar 18 07:06:40 CET 2008


I tried to write some text in a new Scribus document using the Story
Editor but it kept saying "Style not selected" or something like that
and didn't let me type at all. Err ... it did let me type only the
first alphabet of the paragraph. Sribus allowed me to type only when I
selected the "Default Paragraph Style" from the drop-down combo and
selected the whole text by pressing Ctrl+A and changed the font to the
one I wanted. But after pressing enter it again defaulted to the same
behavior and didn't budge even when I tried to repeat the same

I keep getting back to Scribus after projects. The problem is I find
myself at a loss as to what to do when there is a problem. I have even
forgotten to compile it!

Is there a quick solution? I know I can go and read the documentation
but, I am sorry, I don't have anytime to do that. Any help?

This is the default Scribus build that came bundled with Fedora 8 DVD.
Best regards,


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