[Scribus] 1.3.5svn for Ubuntu update?

John Culleton john
Mon Mar 17 19:03:20 CET 2008

On Monday 17 March 2008 06:51:36 am Benjamin Dumke wrote:
> Martin Tlustos schrieb:
> > had no new svn version since then (and I don't know how to build svn's
> > myself, so have to rely on the ones in the repository).
> You might want to try building it yourself, it's not as hard as it
> sounds. This page:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Building_SVN_versions_with_CMake
> is a good start, but don't let it scare you off; in the best case, you
> don't have to worry about most of what's there (though it is worth a
> read), and it just boils down to
> mkdir scribussvn
> mkdir scribusbuild
> cd scribussvn
> svn co svn://scribus.info/Scribus/trunk/Scribus
> cd ../scribusbuild
> cmake ../scribussvn -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/opt/scribus135
> make
> su -c "make install"
> possibly changing /opt/scribus135 to wherever you want to install it.
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Ubuntu doesn't have the necessary compilers, linkers etc. out of the box. It 
takes multiple apt-get sessions plus some clever guesswork to get it all. 
Slackware has all those but doesn't have the graphic libs needed in recent 
enough versions. So either way the task is a bit daunting. 

I fought my way through all this and got build C-C-T-F-Q (Nov 2007) up but 
that was on a different partition. Just copying libraries over wholesale can 
gum up other executables like Firefox. 

When  1.3.5 has major improvements or 1.3.6 appears I'll try again. It is days 
of work on my system, unfortunately. 

John Culleton
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