[Scribus] Q: flattened PDFs

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Sat Mar 15 04:11:27 CET 2008

avox said the following at 03/14/2008 04:04 PM :

> The best flattener for PDF 1.4+ comes from Adobe and is included in 
> Adobe Reader. Create a PDF 1.4 from Scribus, open it in AR and print it
> to a Postscript file using a printer driver such as Apple Laserwriter.
> Then use ps2pdf to create a PDF 1.3 file.
> HTH,

Yes, it does... and I shall try that next time. Thank you very much.

However, the complexity of this process suggests the explicit question: are
there any plans to include a flattening feature in Scribus?


PS Probably the final result for lulu doesn't have to be 1.3; it probably
just needs to be flat (assuming that you and I mean the same thing by
"flattened"... I mean that the pixel-by-pixel representation is identical
to the layered representation, so that, for example, gradients appear
correctly, even though everything is on a single layer).

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