[Scribus] Lighten the release downloads with peer to peer

John Griessen john_g
Wed Mar 12 17:00:30 CET 2008

Plinnell wrote:

> As I handle the releases, I have thought about this and its not as useful as 
> it seems 

For many, the usual details of compiling is not something they will do, but you can make a script
to run the compile as a two step process when a list notification comes along
with a tag for a new revision and describes other fallbacks and stability estimates.

This build-from-source-for-non-techies script might take a rev tag as input and for
the first step run svn up, configure and make and pop up a window with error
messages or not and give option to redo with another tag or
do the second step, install, then clean up.  The location to put the build dir would be some
standard spot -- c:\source\scribusbuild   /usr/local/scribusbuild /opt/scribusbuild and these would stay
on a users drive between updates.

The value of such a script to non-developers is hiding details, and easy way to get back to previous
state with just a delay.

The value for the scribus download server is svn up only gets what changed and in compressed form.
Probably just as much GB transferred savings as torrents, given the many versions not applying to
this build-from-source-for-non-techies method.

John Griessen

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