[Scribus] Backward-compatibility (was: Scribus for Scientific writing)

Michal Blazejczyk blazej
Thu Mar 6 19:44:41 CET 2008

Alexander Haensch wrote:
> (...)
> The most importent thing is the File format. It would be
> a catastrophy if i cannot open a old Article with a newer
> version.
> Is there a  guarantee of using old scribus files in new
> versions?


Just a comment on this particular topic.  I haven't had
problems *opening* my old files with newer versions of
Scribus.  However, they often don't *look* the same in
newer versions.  For example, at some point the default
distance between text and the edges of text frames was
changed which made all my text frames misalign.
Sometimes it can be something even smaller, a minor
rendering change of some sort, and suddenly your text
doesn't end where it was ending a month earlier.

I use Scribus to publish a magazine, and the precise
layout of text is important for me.  For the reasons
described above, I very rarely open old Scribus files
in newer versions - I just know they won't look the


       Michal Blazejczyk

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