[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

Thomas Zastrow listen
Mon Mar 3 18:32:46 CET 2008

avox schrieb:
> So what do you think of this changes to Scribus:
> 1) Allow content of textframes to be stored in external files (or in remote
> database)

... perhaps in an XML database like eXist ... ? Scribus can access the
database via XMLRPC/SOAP and the content of a textframe could be defined
as XQuery statement... but OK, that's a little bit too far away :-)

> 2) Allow content of textframes to be arbitrary XML. Elements and attributes
> are
>     preserved when you save changes from Scribus.


> 3) Scribus attaches its styles to XML content via new "scribus:pstyle" and
> "scribus:cstyle"
>     attributes. Where possible, CSS properties should be used for Scribus
> style properties.

Good idea.

> 4) When attaching XML content to a Scribus frame for the first time, Scribus
> converts CSS
>     styles to Scribus styles. The text is structured into paragraphs,
> according to the "display" property.

Should be also no problem to write some XSL scripts for that.

> 8) Scribus special characters are inserted as new "<scribus:break>",
> "<scribus:field>" etc. elements. 
> 9) The XML structure is only visible (and editable) in the story editor.

> Would that work for round-trip editing? The CMS would have to accept and
> preserve the new elements
> and attributes from the "scribus:" namespace. Scribus could provide a
> scribus.css which describes how
> those should be interpreted by other applications.
> What about IDs? I guess the normal "id" attribute would have to be
> translated to some "external-id" attribute to avoid clashes within the
> Scribus doc.
> Thoughts?
As you know, I always welcome everything which brings the SLA format
nearer to standard XML workflow ;-)
Perhaps it would be also possible to export styles in XML format ...?




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