[Scribus] Comment about object tag names and xml file format

avox avox
Sun Mar 2 23:03:10 CET 2008

Timo Stollenwerk-2 wrote:
> Timothy Boyden schrieb:
>>>From what I've seen I think you could turn a Scribus document into a HTML
>> form with a XSL stylesheet and then submit the changes to a script that
>> could output a new Scribus document containing the changes.
> My approach is the opposite of what you describe. The content of a
> Scribus document contains no structural information about the content,
> so it's hard to generate html forms that make sense. If you generate the
> forms in the way they appear in a Scribus source document, it's hard for
> the user to know where to put the content, even if you use the ANNAME
> attribute to describe every corresponding Scribus Pageobject.

So what do you think of this changes to Scribus:

1) Allow content of textframes to be stored in external files (or in remote
2) Allow content of textframes to be arbitrary XML. Elements and attributes
    preserved when you save changes from Scribus.
3) Scribus attaches its styles to XML content via new "scribus:pstyle" and
    attributes. Where possible, CSS properties should be used for Scribus
style properties.
4) When attaching XML content to a Scribus frame for the first time, Scribus
converts CSS
    styles to Scribus styles. The text is structured into paragraphs,
according to the "display" property.
5) When the user inserts a new paragraph separator, the lowest level block
element at that position
    gets divided into two. Eg. <p>blabla|bla</p>  --> 
6) Deleting a paragraph separator merges the two lowest level block
elements, keeping the element
    name of the block element with the lowest level. If both levels are the
same, keep the first element
    Eg.: <chapter><p>BLA</p></chapter><sec>blabla</sec>   
    -->  <chapter><p>BLAblabla</p><chapter>
7) When the user changes the formatting of a run of characters, Scribus
inserts a new "" 
    element and sets the appropiate style for it.
8) Scribus special characters are inserted as new "<scribus:break>",
"<scribus:field>" etc. elements. 
9) The XML structure is only visible (and editable) in the story editor.

Would that work for round-trip editing? The CMS would have to accept and
preserve the new elements
and attributes from the "scribus:" namespace. Scribus could provide a
scribus.css which describes how
those should be interpreted by other applications.

What about IDs? I guess the normal "id" attribute would have to be
translated to some "external-id" attribute to avoid clashes within the
Scribus doc.


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