[Scribus] Need help with page numbering

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Mar 2 05:42:55 CET 2008

mk wrote:
> Interesting. I sent the same massege for myself and in my email client no formatting code is present like the one above. Why is this?
Because your mail client, Yahoo Mail, prefers to display the HTML part 
of a message if there is one.

E-mail messages are often sent in two parts. One is in HTML (like a web 
page) and contains various formatting and styling information. The other 
is just plain text. Your email client sends garbage in the plain text 
part, but because it displays a message by ignoring the plain text part 
and only showing the HTML part you cannot see this.

People whose email clients are set to ignore the HTML part - maybe for 
security, maybe because they dislike purple backgrounds, "comic sans" 
font settings, and other horrors that people like to use, see the text 
part instead. So they see that garbage but you do not. This also affects 
people who use old-style email programs that don't display HTML at all.

If Yahoo Mail provides a "view source" option for the email message 
(this is different to "view source" of the web page displaying the 
email) you can look for the part beginning with "Content-Type: 
text/plain" to see what I mean.

Craig Ringer

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