[Scribus] Release schedule for next major release.

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Mar 1 17:19:55 CET 2008

John Culleton wrote:
> I use 1.3.5 (version  C-C-T-F-Q 06 November 2007) without difficulty. But it 
> is not a production release. I want to write a little e-book on using Scribus 
> for creating book covers.  Most MSWin based new Scribus users will need to 
> download a precompiled 1.3.3.x version. But 1.3.5 has some significant 
> improvements such as bleeds. 
> Is there an estimated date when Scribus 1.3.5 or its equivalent will become a 
> stable release available as a precompiled product for MSWin users? This 
> information will guide me in writing my little e-book. It will be aimed at 
> the novice who understands MSWord and not much more. 
 From the perspective of an interested observer who has observed the 
development cycle for a while now, I'm guessing mid-year, give or take a 
couple of months.
It would do some good if you are using 1.3.5svn to have something newer 
than 6 November, since a number of things have been fixed since then 
(plus some add-ons that are not fully or are hardly functional at all yet).

This 1.3.5 has been a big jump, what with Qt4, new text system, and 
various other large improvements.


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