[scribus] no odt support???

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Jun 30 20:08:44 CEST 2008

John Culleton wrote:
> On Sunday 29 June 2008 10:22:29 pm Craig Ringer wrote:
>> John Culleton wrote:
>>> The instructions for cmake describe a more complex and for me at
>>> least confusing process than the traditional process. I recognize
>>> that the developers see virtues in cmake. But perhaps after
>>> development is completed the install process could be boiled down
>>> to the usual method for us busy folks that keep many Open Source
>>> products on our systems.
>> Unfortunately it can't be.
>> The two big virtues of Autotools are:
>> - They're familiar to users
>> - The final build scripts for released versions are just shell
>> scripts. They run without needing extra programs to be installed
>> and work on most systems with a shell, make, and some other core
>> unix utilities.
> (snip)
>> If there are features in the old autotools build system that you
>> think are missing in Scribus's new cmake build infrastructure,
>> please explain what you think is missing and how it should be
>> improved. I'm sure the feedback would be appreciated.
>> --
>> Craig Ringer
> I have nothing to add to the functionality of cmake.  All I want to do 
> is run Scribus. For my use ./configure worked equally well, when it 
> worked at all. Since traditional ./configure no longer works with 
> Scribus perhaps the INSTALL instruction needs amending and/or the 
> recently posted script that in effect calls cmake instead should be 
> included.   
> Anyhow after much conversation I am up and running with for 
> which I am grateful.
> I still have a question about the 
> /path/whereyouwant/scribus  
> value. Is that the directory where the executable binary will reside, 
> such as /usr/local/bin in my case? Or is that something else? 

This is perhaps a bit confusing as stated.
Let's say you specify /opt/scribus13312/

When you install, in addition to other essential ingredients, Scribus 
will make a /opt/scribus13312/bin/scribus as the final destination of 
the executable -- it creates a bin/ directory for the binary executable. 
This of course will not automatically be in your search path for 
executables, so you can either add this, or make an application icon 
which knows to go to this for the binary.


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