[scribus] Testsuite

Markus W. Barth markus at sismografo.es
Sun Jun 29 16:23:00 CEST 2008

When I read  the posting by Femke Snelting, the idea came to my mind that it 
would be a nice idea to have some sort of performance test suite for scribus.

We used to publish a cultural magazine (el Sismógrafo) using InDesign for 
layout. I sometimes re-layouted part of the magazine with Scribus just to see 
how it worked performance-wise.

Years ago I wrote a document meant for uncovering the weak points of 
laser-printers and copiers. (Irregularities in rasters with different toners, 
clouds, registration, dirt, wire strips, color variation on different parts 
of a sheet, color variation throughout print jobs, quality of degradations, 

So, the idea is to have a set of documents each of which focusses on a 
different aspect: heavy image load, lots of text frames with different 
styles, heavy font usage, etc.

This is not meant to substitute bug reports and other means to improve quality 
of software, but may introduce a ceteris paribus into the testing which would 
make it easier to keep track of performance improvements.

any comments?

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