[scribus] testing Scribus Limits :-)

Pierre Marchand capparis at free.fr
Thu Jun 26 09:01:39 CEST 2008

Vous (Craig Bradney) avez écrit :
> > or 2.9 pages per minute. What's the complaint?
> Its not bad actually, 20s per generated and exported page. We can do better
> though, although to really do it will need a headless Scribus (ie no screen
> activity) to push faster. Throwing more CPU (Ghz, not cores) and memory
> might help a little.
> Craig

What else can be considered is: one of the loaded image was in fact a PDF, so 
by first rasterize it in 300dpi TIFF I could have the export in half initial 
time ; another was a 625dpi TIFF, by first downscaling it to 300dpi I gained 
a bit of time too ; I stopped there but I think it would have been possible 
to tweak things here and there to keep the script as is and reduce the 
processing time a lot.
Because when I tried to implement the brilliant idea by Alessandro I faced 
some real limitation of the scripter, first of all being the well-known lack 
of copy/paste (and I feel way too lazy to implement it in python!). I’ll try 
again today to see if I can find better with a rested head.

Pierre Marchand

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