[scribus] testing Scribus Limits :-)

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Thu Jun 26 08:37:34 CEST 2008

> > The good news is: Scribus *just* finished producing 500 covers --
> > it has run for 24 hours non-stop without complaining. The documents have
> > been uploaded to the printers server now, we're keeping our fingers
> > crossed the books will be delivered on time (pictures next week).
>    Well, Femke, depending on the speed of your CPU, hard drive, and
> processor as well as the amount of RAM installed, that is not a long time
> produce 500 pages of graphics, each different. The RIPping and other
> processing is quite resource intensive. That's just under 21 pages per
> or 2.9 pages per minute. What's the complaint?

Its not bad actually, 20s per generated and exported page. We can do better
though, although to really do it will need a headless Scribus (ie no screen
activity) to push faster. Throwing more CPU (Ghz, not cores) and memory
might help a little.


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