[scribus] Color management conclusions (was: Re: No real CMYK black possible??)

Xavier Colmant xavier.colmant at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 22:33:05 CEST 2008

You do really have to distinguish between the case where you do work
for yourself with your printer and jobs to be handled by a print shop.
Working with my printer is easy.
Working with a print shop is harder, but not that much. In fact you
just have to develop a good relationship whith you print shop. You
have to try, send them some stuff when you try new things...
Otherwise, when things have been tested, it goes smoothly. It was my
experience. Respect your professional printer and see what he can do
with your stuff which is always be far from perfect. I privilege a
small printer with whom I can talk. Not a big print shop available on
the web.
Printing is not an exact science, it more a kraftmanship. A good
kraftman is better than any science. Ask him how to get a really good
black. He will tell you.

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