[scribus] getting started

Philip Rand p.rand at alice.it
Sun Jun 22 12:33:35 CEST 2008

A very, very basic question: following the Scribus instructions I  
downloaded Ghoscript, latest version, and got it into  
"Applications" (iMAC Pro portable, 4G RAM, Processor Intel, OX  
Leopard, 10.5.3).
Then I downloaded Scribus for Mac Intel and OX and clicked "Install".
I find no exe file that works as a program.
Install instructions found in the Scribus directory call for a cd/  
down to.... and type.... concepts I encountered in the days of DOS,  
but I am not sure what they relate to on the Mac.
I have rummaged through various websites relating to Scribus, but  
haven't come upon step by step instructions for installation.
Another piece of information that would be helpful (but I would  
eventually find for myself undoubtedly) is whether or not Scribus is  
up to producing a layout for a 300-p volume.
Thanks in advance and apologies for my inexperience.

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