[scribus] Can Scribus use small caps from open-type fonts?

avox avox at arcor.de
Wed Jun 18 21:51:20 CEST 2008

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Gerry Snyder wrote:
>> I am just starting to learn Scribus, and am very impressed so far. I 
>> like the program itself, and now that I have started reading the wiki, 
>> think it is pretty well documented.
>> The two "funny character" things I am interested in are ligatures and 
>> small capital letters. I see where to insert ligatures, and like the 
>> fact that it is clear which are available in a given font and which are
>> not.
>> Small caps that are in the font, on the other hand, seem to be ignored. 
>> Unless, of course, I am missing something.
>> Is there a way, other than writing a script to do the translation, to 
>> use what is in the open-type font? If not, does anyone know of plans to 
>> add that capability? The small-cap glyphs are in a private-use area, but 
>> presumably they are located in a consistent manner, at least from a 
>> given source.

Scribus doesnt support the smallcaps feature yet. This and automatic
are planed for 1.3.6.

> Someone may correct me, but I think smallcaps works two different ways. 
> There is a "global" availability of smallcaps with any font, created by 
> Scribus. A few fonts may also have their own built-in smallcaps, which 
> is handled just like italics, bold, condensed, etc., in other words, its 
> own separate listing in the font list.

That fake smallcap feature just scales the capital letters. The result is
typographically ugly.
Some fonts indeed have a seperate face for smallcaps, but those are rare.

In OpenType there exists a feature which automatically replaces lower case
letters with
their smallcap equivalents when activated. Similar features exist for
Capitals to SmallCaps,
inferior numbers, superior numbers, oldstyle fugures and more.

Support for this will come in 1.3.6.

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