[scribus] Missing Features

Richard & Mary Susan clansb at ameritech.net
Wed Jun 18 12:22:25 CEST 2008

I cannot find a way to align objects beyond using guides as a tool for 
doing it manually.  I cannot see a menu selection for it, and searching 
Help elicits nothing but how to align text.  I see several comments 
about a Distribute/Alignment command in your collection, but still not 
where to go to find it.

Similarly, I want to draw a straight line, and cannot find that in Help 
or the menus either.  I mean, for a horizontal line, one that doesn't 
deviate up or down at all.  Again, your collection holds references to a 
"straight line tool" that I don't seem to have.

I may have downloaded an older version of Scribus, but it seems like my 
version should be current -- it's v. dated 12 January 2008, 
with Build ID: C-x-T-x-A-Windows, using Ghostscript version 8.62.  I'm 
running Windows XP.

Can someone help?  And I should say, Scribus is getting me (I hope) out 
of a big jam; I'm very grateful to the community for creating it!

Richard & Mary Susan Sheaves-Bein
'The sky is not the limit, nor are the stars.'

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