[scribus] American typewriter font and Scribus

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>  So, if I embed a font in a PDF document made in Scribus, I'd > have to check the licensing status of the font before > sending the document to another person.
** Like Peter writed it: Yes.
Simply, personal use is for you (and family :-)) and limited
"at home"... 
> Is there any project to do such checking - and would such a > mechanism be integrated in Scribus in any future ?
** It is not the problem of any programs! Now, if that is do
seriously, fonts are delivering with a license, where is explicitly
mentioned the condition or limitation of use  (freeware, 
shareware, opensource license, EULA, copying, final user etc...).
If no... take care, or be sure!
But if you find AGaramond from Adobe on the web... It isn't a freeware!
> Any publishing is bound by this over here. Possibly also the > nameplate I cut in Oregon pine for my mother-in-law's > summerhouse; Garamond Medium used there... :-)> Luckily the number of lawyers per hectare is quite low in my > country.
** Good news, but it's more a personnal use ;-)
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