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Tue Jun 10 15:06:30 CEST 2008

Craig Ringer wrote:
> dlwiggers at aeis.tv wrote:
>> Hi list
>> My problem is deeper.  I am on a win2k box now and cannot .pdf a 17x11  
>> 3 page print.
> That error means that Scribus, or a component used by Scribus, tried to
> read or modify memory it has not allocated or tried to execute memory
> that contains only data.
> Unfortunately without a backtrace from a debugger (something that's
> rather hard to get on Windows, a little tricky for most users on Linux,
> and trivial on Mac OS X) it's not really possible to tell what caused it.
> It might be worth filing a bug with the .sla file and all associated
> fonts and images. You can make it private if you want to prevent
> fonts/image/text from being visible to the world. There is a size limit,
> though, so you might find you're not able to upload it if it's more than
> a few megabytes.
> Failing that, do check on Linux and see how you go.
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> Craig Ringer
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Pragmatically, I found that if I flatten the .tif with Gimp before using 
it in Scribus, it apparently does not exceed the limits.  Arch B size 
page.  Also if I use .jpg rather than .tif, it works, although the .jpg 
file size is larger.

Mdv 2008.1 works either way.  I'll try win2k today sometime, but I'd bet 
on a Vista problem.


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