[scribus] imposition for 10cm x 10cm brochure printed on A2 printer

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jul 31 15:06:15 CEST 2008

Lars O. Grobe wrote:
> Hi List,
> I just subscribed, and I have been using Scribus mostly for assembling 
> drawings into PDF pages, not much layout so far.
> Now I am trying to set up a little brochure. It is 26pages (I will 
> insert two blanks at the end to make it divideable by four), should 
> have a final size of 10cm x 10cm (so the sheet will be cut to 20cm x 
> 10cm which should be fine with A5), and I want to print it on a 
> A2-printer without duplex. So print, fold three times to A5, bind, 
> fold, cut.
> I have the document in scribus, but now I wonder how do the 
> imposition. I found a couple of texts describing brochure making, but 
> they all fold only once, make an A5-brochure of A4-sheets.
> Is there a how-to for want I want to do anywhere available? Or even 
> some tool doing this? I guess that psbook is somehow prepared for 
> this, but I have problems to find out how exactly to use it. Would be 
> great, because I could simply convert Scribus' pdf to ps and use the 
> free psutils.
This is more complex n-up printing than you will find advice about on 
the wiki.
Kprinter, or even AdobeReader have the ability to create 4-up printing, 
but they don't figure out for you which page is to go where. With 26 
pages, you should be able to sort this out on your own by making some 
small mock-ups. I presume you are going to print on both sides...which 
means there is more than one way to arrange/print the pages.


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