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Sun Jul 27 18:46:52 CEST 2008

Gregory Pittman schreef:
> Joop wrote:
>> John Culleton schreef:
>>> On Tuesday 22 July 2008 10:00:32 am Joop wrote:
>>>> I don't see anything about images running off the page etc.
>>>> I don't know all the technical vocabulary for these, since I am
>>>> only an amateur, but I hope you understand what I want.
>>>> Joop
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>>> The other things  you are asking for are called crop marks, and 
>>> although they are built in to Quark, TeX etc. I don't think they are 
>>> in Scribus. But I cobbled some up using guides to help in placement 
>>> and the line facility to draw the little marks.
>>> Maybe crop marks could be a feature request for 4.0 :<)
>> John,
>> You, and also Gregory Pittman, I want to thank for providing me with 
>> information about this subject and your terminology lessons.
>> I thought that crop marks were something so essential in many printing 
>> jobs, that this would already be standard in Scribus. I am amazed that 
>> this should be a feature for a far away version.
> Actually, bleed and print marks are built into 1.3.5svn, in the PDF 
> Export dialog. It works a bit differently, but actually is more flexible.
> Greg


I don't have 1.3.5svn but So I look forward to see bleed and 
crop in a coming normal version. But I cannot imagine how it is possible 
to have an image that runs of an A4 page, cutting marks on a pdf, when 
the pdf makes the paper size a little bigger than A4.

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