[scribus] Aliasing and color problems

Fabien SK fabsk at free.fr
Mon Jul 21 22:05:01 CEST 2008

Hi Tino!

Le lundi 21 juillet 2008 à 07:56 +0200, Tino Schwarze a écrit :

> Well, I suppose, if they auto-correct your pre-layouted pages, things
> might get pretty worse because there are multiple images in it (not so
> with ordinary photos) and you've got a lot of black there. The images
> might get very distorted.

I will have an idea about it, I ordered again some independent photos
with my layouts, with and without automatic correction, hoping that it
will be the same for the book printing. What's strange is that I ask
many of my friend and none of them had a "too dark" problem.

> You should check carefully in which format you deliver your photos -
> CMYK is probably not the best option if you're trying to pretent to
> deliver original photos - these are in RGB. Unfortunately, I don't speak
> French, so I cannot check their page.

That's what I think the only thing I can do (well, I did not know that
CMYK JPEG even exists!).

About the profile, they explain how to do it on this page. It may be in
french, but the screenshots of Photoshop are in english :-)
They propose to work in RGB, then to export to an image using their


For the moment, I plan to:
1) export everything to PDF with no compression
2) import from PDF to some image format, maybe PNG (hhmmmmm, this
process looks stupid, but I'm not an expert and Gregory advised me not
to export to image with Scribus)
3) convert to JPEG
4) upload images, receive book

I don't know if I should use the profile conversion at step 1 or 3...
Both make sens to me (but I'm not very skilled).


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