[scribus] Aliasing and color problems

Fabien SK fabsk at free.fr
Sun Jul 20 19:39:17 CEST 2008

Le dimanche 20 juillet 2008 à 13:51 +0200, Tino Schwarze a écrit :
> BTW: Are you sure the print shop won't do automated color correction or
> something else? Did they provide a color profile for you to use, so your
> RGB->CMYK conversion is correct?

Hi Tino,

The print shop allows optional automatic correction. I don't know yet
which option I will choose. I did not calibrated my screen (I don't have
any device to do so, and I don't know anyone who has one), and the last
time I ordered some prints (years ago), the non-automatically corrected
photos (I tried both) appeared too dark.
They provide an ICC profile, but I know about nothing about color
calibration and things like that, I'm just a basic user. My goal is just
to have a decent result.

> The whole point of Scribus is to *not* export to image files, but to 
> PDF. This should be your eventual format, and you can do this in 
> individual page files if you wish. Alternatively, exporting to EPS 
> should work, but PDF is far preferable.

Well, the online print shop only accepts image files (it's more a
general public site than a shop for professionals), so I would like to
do like if I were ordering my original photos.

Thank you for your answers to both of you,

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