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Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Sat Jul 19 06:52:31 CEST 2008

Roger wrote:
> Did you try adding pages?
> 1 page gives you one page across and n pages down
> 2 fold gives you 2 pages across by n pages down
> 3 fold 3 across x n down which is good for a 3 fold A4 brochure if you 
> set the
> correct page size.
> 4 fold 4 pages across -- I use 4 fold for doing my newsletter on quasi 
> A3 sheet
>  because it allows me to have front and back of an A3 'on one line' by n 
> lines down
> (n = number of lines of pages)
> Roger
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Hi Roger,

Could you explain a bit more about the steps needed to create a 3 fold brochure to be printed on A4?
Would I have to calculate the 3, or rather 6, 'page' sizes to print on both sides of A4? Does the 
'3 Fold' option allow for a 3mm shorter right-hand page to allow for folding it inside the others 
(so that it won't bulge)?

Is it not easier to use a 'Double sided' A4 size document and calculate where the guides ought to 
go? Or is a case of "many ways to accomplish the same thing"? :-)




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