[scribus] Round corners + manipulated shapes?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Jul 15 22:20:53 CEST 2008

MrDetermination wrote:
> This is a really hard format for this type of question but I'm so far out of
> my element, I don't know where else to go.  You guys have been really
> helpful before, so I'll take a shot.  Thank you for this great app.  I'm
> making some very professional looking stuff from scratch and I have no
> creative talent :)
> Basically, I want to "cut in to" rectangles and have the new corner(s) use
> the same rounding the rest of the corners have applied through the shape
> properties.  I end up with right angles or a mess though.  Can I accomplish
> what I mocked up in the attachments with control points?  If so can you
> point me to a video tutorial or better place for training on this?
This is a variant of a question we had a while back. After figuring out 
a method, I posted this to the wiki:


Hope this is helpful. It's a bit complex, but gives very reproducible 


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