[scribus] scribus Digest, Vol 4, Issue 30

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Tue Jul 15 01:46:50 CEST 2008

> Yes. Definitely.
> Actually the problem even occurs whilst I am working on a Master Page. Say I'm creating a colored 
> box, with a text box on top of that. If in the middle of entering dimensions into the various 
> fields of the properties palette, I inadvertently click anywhere within the Scribus window 
> (except the properties palette), the selection box with the 'handles' disappears and I can no 
> longer edit anything.

I had that problem with one version of Scribus, I can't remember which, but now 
with 1.3.5 its not a problem.
If you have 2 or more text boxes or text and shape boxes on the same layer 
overlapping or one on top of another , it is very very difficult to select the 
correct box to edit.
Sometimes I have to actually move the offending text box or colour panel well 
away from the text I wish to edit.

To circumvent this I have a text layer, a lines and boxes layer, a background 
layer and an image layer, which helps to some extent.

--- One can inadvertently place a text box on the incorrect layer (usually 
background or lines and boxes)  then it becomes very difficult to find and 
access when after a time one can't remember that it's not on the text layer.
I feel that you may be experiencing this problem.

--- Text box within a text box, used to add a heading or push text, One of these 
will always be difficult to access depending on whether it has been raised or 
lowered within that layer.

--- Scribus used to default to placing a full page text box on the new page, I 
think on the default background layer.
Maybe you have this huge invisible text box covering everything.
This too makes it difficult to access other text boxes and defaults to selecting 
the full page.
When you click on the scribus window page does it show a large box around the 
periphery of the page, if so put that selection on the background layer or 
alternatively fill it with a dark colour (green or purple) and watch to see what 
else if anything disappears to the background. I frequently use this simple test 
to check which level a text box is on and relocate it to the appropriate level 
then remove the fill.

Put the boxes you wish to keep on a text layer then delete the background box.

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