[scribus] New member - Quit on start up

Andrew akroiter at tpg.com.au
Mon Jul 14 15:10:33 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

I had similar issues to the OP and have gained knowledge from this  
thread - thanks!

I've got 2 Macs - one a G4 running Leopard with 768mb RAM and the  
other a MacBook running Leopard, with 4gb RAM. What version of Scribus  
do you recommend that I run? For file compatibility, does it need to  
be the same version on both machines?

Thanks for your help.


On 11/07/2008, at 5:46 AM, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Brandy Evans Buckingham wrote:
>>> Anyway, is installing scribus-1.3.4 really a good idea? There are  
>>> lots
>>> of messages on this list explaining why not.
>> What version would you recommend? Can you give me a link to it?
>> As I posted earlier, I cannot find or 12 for OS X anywhere  
>> on
>> sourceforge. The links on the scribus page do not work.
>> I've used and 1.3.4 now and although 1.3.4 is slightly  
>> less slow,
>> they are both extremely buggy and incredibly slow. I'd love to try  
>> a newer version.
> Well, I am hesitating.
> On one hand, I am the maintainer for scribus in Fink, so I could
> recommend to install Fink. Once Fink is installed and configured, you
> simply say "fink install scribus-aqua" and wait until it finishes, and
> then you will have scribus-aqua-
> On the other hand, this is the "New member" thread, and IIRC you have
> only 512MB of memory. Installing Fink requires some familiarity with  
> the
> Unix side of MacOS, and since "fink install" means that scribus and  
> all
> its prerequisites will be compiled on your machine, it will take some
> time. Fink also has precompiled binaries for scribus, but currently  
> only
> for on MacOSX 10.5.
> If you want to try this, I can walk you through the necessary steps.
> -- 
> Martin
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