[scribus] New member - Quit on start up

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jul 10 21:46:49 CEST 2008

Brandy Evans Buckingham wrote:
>> Anyway, is installing scribus-1.3.4 really a good idea? There are lots 
>> of messages on this list explaining why not.
> What version would you recommend? Can you give me a link to it?
> As I posted earlier, I cannot find or 12 for OS X anywhere on
> sourceforge. The links on the scribus page do not work.
> I've used and 1.3.4 now and although 1.3.4 is slightly less slow,
> they are both extremely buggy and incredibly slow. I'd love to try a newer version.

Well, I am hesitating.

On one hand, I am the maintainer for scribus in Fink, so I could 
recommend to install Fink. Once Fink is installed and configured, you 
simply say "fink install scribus-aqua" and wait until it finishes, and 
then you will have scribus-aqua-

On the other hand, this is the "New member" thread, and IIRC you have 
only 512MB of memory. Installing Fink requires some familiarity with the 
Unix side of MacOS, and since "fink install" means that scribus and all 
its prerequisites will be compiled on your machine, it will take some 
time. Fink also has precompiled binaries for scribus, but currently only 
for on MacOSX 10.5.

If you want to try this, I can walk you through the necessary steps.


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