[scribus] Littlecms

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Mon Jul 14 12:37:02 CEST 2008

Julian Robbins wrote:

> I think your problem is the same as I had. In debian/ubuntu that one of 
> the reqd cms libs isnt pulled in at the time. You may want to check that 
> the suggests or recommends packages are also installed.

That's pretty weird. Scribus should not even launch if liblcms is linked
to the executable but not installed. It doesn't dlopen() it later or
otherwise handle it being missing.

I've just checked the Ubuntu 8.10 Scribus package and it does list
"liblcms1" in the dependency list. So it really should be installed
automatically along with Scribus.

Maybe an update was pulled in when you ran "apt-get install liblcms1",
so it was actually already installed? I'm pretty sure there was an lcms
update in Ubuntu recently, so that's probably it.

> Additional -> I've just checked in Synaptic and you also also need the 
> iccprofiles package, which doesnt get pulled in by Scribus/littlecms by 
> the look of it.

Yep, and without this it'll still run. Missing required ICC profiles are
the most likely cause of this problem.

I think hiding the UI when profiles aren't found is a real usability
issue, and it seems to cause a fair bit of confusion.

The icc-profiles package is in Ubuntu Multiverse. This may not be
enabled by default; I'm not sure. If it's not, you can probably enable
it using the GUI package manager. Others who use the GUI might be able
to offer more detailed instructions.

Craig Ringer

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