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Julian Robbins julian.robbins at q-par.com
Mon Jul 14 12:22:50 CEST 2008

> Craig Ringer wrote:
>> > Nigel Ridley wrote:
>>> >> Kubuntu Hardy Heron with Scribus
>>> >>
>>> >> I'm trying to get color management working.
>>> >> I have installed liblcms1 but can't get Scribus to 'see' it (I don't have 'Input Profiles' on the 
>>> >> Image tab in the Properties box.
>>> >> I have also extracted the AdobeICCProfiles.zip into ~/nigel/.color/icc and have enabled the 
>>> >> 'Activate Color Management' in [Scribus] Preferences.
>>> > 
> I installed from the [K]Ubuntu repos.
> I checked File > Help > About Scribus and it has 'Build ID: C-C-T-F-A' near the bottom of the 
> window, which means that it is configured for cms.
> Blessings,
> Nigel
Hi Nigel

I am using the same setup as you, and my colour management works fine, 
ie Ubuntu Hardy, with a version of from Malex's repos.

I think your problem is the same as I had. In debian/ubuntu that one of 
the reqd cms libs isnt pulled in at the time. You may want to check that 
the suggests or recommends packages are also installed.

I posted to the list about this problem probably about a year or so ago, 
so you may find the answer in the archives.

I think Malex changed his packages so that scribus has a suggested 
package. Right click using synaptic and select suggested packages 
against the littlecms and scribus packages.

Additional -> I've just checked in Synaptic and you also also need the 
iccprofiles package, which doesnt get pulled in by Scribus/littlecms by 
the look of it.

Hope this helps....

Kind regards

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