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Philip Rand p.rand at alice.it
Sun Jul 13 17:53:24 CEST 2008

Dear a.l.e,

Extremely helpful -- you will save me lots of time, and I'll try to hook
into that group.

Mille grazie,

Philip Rand
Via Monserrato 6
00186 Roma, RM
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dear philip

> I think I have to admit defeat and bow to the more accomplished
> users of this system. I tried downloading various forms of
> acquascribus, staying, as advised on the Sourceforge site with
> 1.3.3... versions. Removing the Scribus I had downloaded, and trying
> to install this one, I no longer found the quasi-mythical icon to
> double-click - I understand the installation instructions provided
> about as well as I understand Pashtun. Perhaps my newness to Mac has
> something to do with all that. All attempts to install Scribus have
> led to the mysterious messages referred to in previous emails. The
> solution is probably to look for commercial products (and I have
> already seen some used ones available).
> Thanks anyway,

i guess that you need some personal support for installing correctly your

if you still want to install scribus, you should try to contact a free
software (most of the time linux :-) user group in rome.
(google showed me http://www.lugroma.org/)

a direct support over irc chould also be an option.

macports and fink are not solutions you will manage to use, without external

buona fortuna!

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