[scribus] R: (forw) [p.rand at alice.it: viva Scribus]

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 9 21:22:16 CEST 2008

Philip Rand wrote:
> Thanks for the reply and the interest - in answer to your questions, I  
> have the Scribus icon in the Macintosh Dock. I start Scribus, of  
> course, by double-clicking on the icon. Consistent with the  
> instructions from SourceForge sources, I get the message saying that  
> something called Xterm will now operate. (This is Scribus' initial  
> formatting process that could take as long as an hour. But the process  
> stops and the message you quoted below arrives. If I click OK, nothing  
> else happens, if I click the alternative icon, I receive what seems to  
> be a Macintosh script menu. I don't know where to go from there (and  
> imagine that languages such as that of DOS have no place in Scribus- 
> Mac worlds). So I'm stuck with that message and abort the program.
> Hope this is clear,

Not really, but I have a suspicion. The scenario you are trying to 
describe has similarities with what I would expect to see when you run 
the app called "aquascribus", without having the prerequisites. It is 
available from sourceforge at <http://aquascribus.sourceforge.net/> and 
has the following description on its homepage:

> AquaScribus: Launcher for Fink's Version of Scribus
> AquaScribus is an AppleScript-based application launcher for the Mac OS X Fink-X11 version of Scribus, the open-source page layout program. While AquaScribus is useful for starting Scribus and for integrating Scribus documents with the native Mac OS X environment, it has been largely rendered obsolete by the rapidly-developing Mac-native port of Scribus. You are encouraged to download the Mac-native version of Scribus instead.

If this is what you tried to run, then I would recommend to forget it 
quickly. As it says itself, you should download the "Mac-native version 
of Scribus" instead. The latter has the name "scribus-aqua" which should 
not be confused with "aquascribus".

If you really want to use the latter, you have to install Fink first and 
then, using Fink, the X11 version of scribus. But if you have Fink 
installed, you can use it also to install scribus-aqua.

However, with the strong aversion to the Unix side of the Mac you are 
showing, I think that Fink is probably not your cup of tea.


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