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Philip Rand p.rand at alice.it
Sun Jul 6 18:07:05 CEST 2008

Many thanks,
Sticking with Acquascribus, I found the icon and placed it in the Macintosh
dock. Scribus is now performing its config. 
I'll keep you posted on this exciting development(!)

Philip Rand
Via Monserrato 6
00186 Roma, RM
tel fis: +39 06 6865159
segr & fax solamente (only answ & fax) 06 6873168

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On Thursday 03 July 2008 03:18:03 pm Philip Rand wrote:
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> Greetings,
> You asked for comments:
> My subscription has revealed a world of very dedicated and good
> people. Unfortunately, I cannot solve a basic problem: that of
> installing Scribus on a Macintosh Intel iPRO portable, OX Leopard.
> The sole reply was encouraging, but, unfortunately, Scribus did not
> leave startup icon that the reply suggested would appear.
> I begin to think that Scribus won't work for me, which I regret,
> because I like the whole idea of the program.
> I'll forge ahead for a while then, if desperation prevails, will
> unsubscribe.
> Many thanks,
> P
> Philip Rand

On my Linux system I can add a new icon to the bottom kicker by 
clicking between icons and following the dialog for inserting a 
non-kde application. Then I can scan for the proper icon and change 
the default gear-wheel to  the Scribus one.

This requires that I know where the Scribus program is located, 
e.g., /usr/local/bin/scribus 

Linux and OS X are cousins in that both are descended from Unix.  In 
the case of OS X the immediate parent is BSD. I understand that OS X 
does its best to hide the workings from the user.  But there may be a 
way on a command line to search for a program, e.g. 
find / -name scribus
whereis scribus
and when you have that location written down create an icon that calls 
that program.  Or possibly you can search the directory tree 
graphically, find Scribus, and then drag and drop it on the desktop. 

Someone who is familiar wth OS X can lead you better through the 
jungle. My purpose is to elicit such better guidance from an OS X 
savvy listmate. 
John Culleton
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