[scribus] activating paths

mrdocs mrdocs at scribus.info
Wed Jul 9 00:34:40 CEST 2008

kevin thurston wrote:
> i have recently decided to ditch my adobe applications in favor of open
> source programs, anyway
> i have a bunch of graphics that i made into b&w TIFFs with clipping paths
> when i was using photoshop and indesign

Which versions of PS and ID ?
> i am starting to place these elements in my scribus document and i found the
> "extended image properties" box and while in paths it admits i have one, and
> when i click on it it activates the path, it wont let me keep the patch
> active, in fact it insists i click the "don't use any path" button on the
> paths section of the extended image properties box
> does scribus recognize, but not support paths? that doesnt seem logical to
> me, and i've found on-line people talking about dropping in/making
> transparent background PNGs, but as TIFFs are the standard in printing (and
> i have all of these graphics already manipulated) i am wondering if i am
> simply missing something?
> thanks,
> kevin
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You did not mention which platform or version of Scribus you are using.

1.3.4+ has about the best support for PSD and many types of tiff in the 
open source world. A lot of work went in to supporting some of the more 
esoteric features available in TIFF and PSD based on publicly available 
documentation - which in some cases is  incomplete and/or wrong.

That said, B&W are a special case. It might be helpful if we had more 
info about your setup and possibly some samples to test.

A visit to our IRC channel might be helpful to resolve this more quickly.

Hope that helps.

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