[scribus] activating paths

kevin thurston kevin.thurston at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 00:11:28 CEST 2008

i have recently decided to ditch my adobe applications in favor of open
source programs, anyway

i have a bunch of graphics that i made into b&w TIFFs with clipping paths
when i was using photoshop and indesign

i am starting to place these elements in my scribus document and i found the
"extended image properties" box and while in paths it admits i have one, and
when i click on it it activates the path, it wont let me keep the patch
active, in fact it insists i click the "don't use any path" button on the
paths section of the extended image properties box

does scribus recognize, but not support paths? that doesnt seem logical to
me, and i've found on-line people talking about dropping in/making
transparent background PNGs, but as TIFFs are the standard in printing (and
i have all of these graphics already manipulated) i am wondering if i am
simply missing something?


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