[scribus] Enhance PDF/CMYK export result

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists at tisc.de
Tue Jul 8 22:43:01 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 09:54:11PM +0200, mumrel wrote:

> > You probably want to look a bit deeper into color management. It's
> > non-trivial to get right. Getting colors to look on screen as on paper
> > is very difficult and requires a lot of consideration (e.g. correct
> > monitor calibration and profile, correct printer profile etc.)
> Heard that before. Well it's just a private production, so there's no
> need to be perfect, but the result at the moment is not really satisfying.
> Well, i have some time left, so I am ready to get deeper into the topic.
> But from the statement, that I should not use embedded profiles I
> thought, that this is not the direction I should run to.
> Maybe I am wrong, I am new to this topic. Maybe I can use profile
> while converting, but don't embed the profile into the resulting PDF?

Yes, exactly. Configure color management in Scribus, then specify
"printer" as export destination, do NOT embed ICC profiles (leave all
ICC checkboxes unchecked). Then you get a CMYK PDF which has CMYK colors
in it, but the CMYK values have been derived by using the correct
RGB->CMYK transform suitable for your printing companies device.

> > Key issues:
> > - Enable color management in Scribus.
> Done, it was off up until now. So the test-print (PDF) was produced
> without color managment turned on.
> I guess this is bad :-)
Yes, it is. I'm not sure which kind of RGB->CMYK transform was
performed, but not the correct one.

> > - Ask your printing company about the profile they use. They'll probably
> >  tell you "Euroskala" (which is Euroscale Coated) or "ISOCoated".
> Yes, you're right. On their website they recommend ISOcoated_v2.
> (http://www.printweb.de/support/Druckdaten/Bilddaten.html, Umwandlung
> RGB- zu CMYK-Daten, ICC Profile)
> On the other hand I should not embedd ICC profiles. That troubles me a bit.

Using ICC profiles for transformation is different from embedding

> > - Use that profile in Scribus, so it will convert RGB colors correctly.
> > - Remember that RGB contains colors which cannot be represented in CMYK
> Ok, i turned Color Managment on, but i can't choose between profiles.
> All drop down boxes just contain one alternative (plus the empty
> alternative).
> I'll search the wiki on how to get and install these profiles.

Use these:
(Source: http://www.eci.org/doku.php?id=de:downloads )



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