[scribus] Enhance PDF/CMYK export result

mumrel mumrel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 21:54:11 CEST 2008

Hi Tino,

> You probably want to look a bit deeper into color management. It's
> non-trivial to get right. Getting colors to look on screen as on paper
> is very difficult and requires a lot of consideration (e.g. correct
> monitor calibration and profile, correct printer profile etc.)
Heard that before. Well it's just a private production, so there's no
need to be perfect, but the result at the moment is not really satisfying.
Well, i have some time left, so I am ready to get deeper into the topic.
But from the statement, that I should not use embedded profiles I
thought, that this is not the direction I should run to.
Maybe I am wrong, I am new to this topic. Maybe I can use profile
while converting, but don't embed the profile into the resulting PDF?

I uploaded a PDF with the settings mention bellow and only got a warning:
Warnung: In Ihrem Dokument werden ICC-basierende Farbräume verwendet.
~Warning: Your document uses ICC-based color-spaces.

So since the resulting pdf looks much better, I might ignore this
warning and print it that way anyway, we'll see. Maybe we'll also find
a better solution.

> Key issues:
> - Enable color management in Scribus.
Done, it was off up until now. So the test-print (PDF) was produced
without color managment turned on.
I guess this is bad :-)

> - Ask your printing company about the profile they use. They'll probably
>  tell you "Euroskala" (which is Euroscale Coated) or "ISOCoated".
Yes, you're right. On their website they recommend ISOcoated_v2.
(http://www.printweb.de/support/Druckdaten/Bilddaten.html, Umwandlung
RGB- zu CMYK-Daten, ICC Profile)
On the other hand I should not embedd ICC profiles. That troubles me a bit.

> - Use that profile in Scribus, so it will convert RGB colors correctly.
> - Remember that RGB contains colors which cannot be represented in CMYK
Ok, i turned Color Managment on, but i can't choose between profiles.
All drop down boxes just contain one alternative (plus the empty
I'll search the wiki on how to get and install these profiles.

I produced an pdf with the following settings:
and the result looks much better! I now got a warning (see above).
I'll try to do the same process with the correct profiles.

> Which viewer did you use to get these pictures? What CMYK profile did
> you use? What RGB profile?
Adobe Reader 8 on Linux. Profiles in Scribus: None, color management
was disabled.

Thanks for your hints so far
Greetings Jan
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